Rouse Youth Football & Cheer Association
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Have a complaint?
First, let us apologize for the frustration.

If you are unhappy with a practice or game day situation, please allow a 24-hour cooling off period.
(We are all very passionate on game day, so giving it 24 hours helps us all see a little more clearly)

A note about minimum plays:

If any team does not play every active / healthy / uninjured player on their roster for the minimum number of plays, they must forfeit the game.
In addition to this, all of our coaches strive to make sure every player gets more than the minimum number of plays required by the league.
The larger the team and the higher the age group, the more challenging this can prove to be.
This is especially true for teams in a competitive league like Central Texas AYF.
Often times, players are coached all week and given specific criteria or behaviors that will keep them in a game or could have them sitting on the sidelines.

Here is a sampling of common reasons why players are less likely to get playing time:
- Unsafe conduct (helmet to helmet tackling, horseplay, equipment issues)
- Poor Sportsmanship (towards teammates or players on other teams)
- Attendance issues (missing practices - especially when new plays or skills are learned going into a game)
- Not paying attention during practice (and therefore not knowing what they are supposed to be doing in a game situation)
- Generating penalties during a game
- Repeatedly running plays incorrectly
These are just the more common reasons among several other reasons.

If you have questions about your child's participation or playing time, please address them with the head coach for your team, FIRST!
After addressing them with the head coach, if you feel you need assistance, please contact the football parent coordinators: Mike Ombres / Matt McDonald at

From there, if your matter needs additional escalation, it will be forwarded to the VP (Joe Baumer) and if necessary ultimately to the President of RYFA (Mike Davis).

For all other issues, please follow a similar escalation path. If the issue is not a head coach issue, take it to the appropriate coordinator and allow it to go through the process.

Please note: While we do work closely with Rouse High School in hope of preparing young athletes for success at that level,
RYFA is operated independent of Rouse High School and LISD (Leander Independent School District).
So, high school coaches will simply forward your e-mail to so that it can be addressed by RYFA.