Feeder to the CLASS 5A Rouse Raiders!

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332Raider 5th Grade
257Miss Raiders
250Raider 6th Grade
169Raider 4th Grade
126Cheer Competition Team
97Lady Raiders
32Raider Flag 5-6
5Raider Flag 7-8-9


130Kendall Sage
81M'Lynn Santos
76Matthew Steck
62Brooklyn Harrison
45Preston Welton


130Kendall Sage
76Matthew Steck
45Preston Welton
41Bryce Johns
31Logan Vivas


81M'Lynn Santos
62Brooklyn Harrison
36Isabella Gallagher
25Samantha Selman
19Sarah Gregory


201710001JOE BAUMERPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710002JOE BAUMERPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710003SHANNON JOHNSBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710004SHANNON JOHNSBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710005SHANNON JOHNSBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710006SHANNON JOHNSBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710007SHANNON JOHNSBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710008SHANNON JOHNSBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710009SHANNON JOHNSBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710010SHANNON JOHNSBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710011SHANNON JOHNSBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710012SHANNON JOHNSBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710013KIANN BETANCOURTNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201710014KIANN BETANCOURTNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201710015ALLYSON MURPHY Bryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710016JENNIFER GALLAGHERIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710017JENNIFER GALLAGHERIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710018JENNIFER GALLAGHERIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710019JENNIFER GALLAGHERIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710020JENNIFER GALLAGHERIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710021NATHAN KIENINGNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201710022NATHAN KIENINGNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201710023NATHAN KIENINGNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201710024NATHAN KIENINGNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201710025NATHAN KIENINGNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201710026NATHAN KIENINGNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201710027NATHAN KIENINGNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201710028NATHAN KIENINGNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201710029NATHAN KIENINGNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201710030NATHAN KIENINGNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201710031REGINA WATSONIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710032REGINA WATSONIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710033TERRY F EHRLICHBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710034TERRY F EHRLICHBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710035TERRY F EHRLICHBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710036TERRY F EHRLICHBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710037TERRY F EHRLICHBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710038TERRY F EHRLICHBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710039TERRY F EHRLICHBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710040TERRY F EHRLICHBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710041TERRY F EHRLICHBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710042TERRY F EHRLICHBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710043TAMMI JOLLYLogan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201710044TAMMI JOLLYLogan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201710045TAMMI JOLLYLogan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201710046MELANIE KEELING Logan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201710047MELANIE KEELING Logan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201710048MELANIE KEELING Logan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201710049JAYNELLE NORMANKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710050JAYNELLE NORMANKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710051JAYNELLE NORMANKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710052JAYNELLE NORMANKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710053JAYNELLE NORMANKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710054WHITNEY BUDKEEmmerie BlankenshipMiss Raiders
201710055WHITNEY BUDKEEmmerie BlankenshipMiss Raiders
201710056ASHLEIGH HERNANDEZVincent HernandezRaider 5th Grade
201710057ASHLEIGH HERNANDEZVincent HernandezRaider 5th Grade
201710058KRISTINA LEEVincent HernandezRaider 5th Grade
201710059AMY HELTONLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201710060THOMAS LUNDGRENLogan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201710061MARIANNE LUNDGRENLogan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201710062JUDY JONESNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201710063JUDY JONESNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201710064KIANN (PAMBETTY) BETANCOURTNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201710065KIANN (PAMBETTY) BETANCOURTNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201710066CHRISTINA SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710067CHRISTINA SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710068CHRISTINA SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710069CHRISTINA SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710070CHRISTINA SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710071CHRISTINA SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710072CHRISTINA SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710073CHRISTINA SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710074CHRISTINA SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710075CHRISTINA SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710076HEATHER SUTTAKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710077HEATHER SUTTAKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710078HEATHER SUTTAKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710079HEATHER SUTTAKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710080HEATHER SUTTAKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710081PAIGE ROBINSONIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710082PAIGE ROBINSONIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710083DIANE DURANIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710084DIANE DURANIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710085DIANE DURANIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710086DIANE DURANIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710087DIANE DURANIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710088KELLY RUSSELLBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710089BOYCE JOHNSBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710090BOYCE JOHNSBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710091BOYCE JOHNSBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710092BOYCE JOHNSBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710093BOYCE JOHNSBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710094MATT MOOREKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710095MATT MOOREKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710096DOUG ASHBROOKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710097DOUG ASHBROOKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710098DOUG ASHBROOKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710099DOUG ASHBROOKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710100DOUG ASHBROOKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710101CATHEY LOWEMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710102CATHEY LOWEMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710103CHARLES HAMMONDBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710104CHARLES HAMMONDBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710105CHARLES HAMMONDBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710106RENEE NICHOLASCaleb NicholasRaider 5th Grade
201710107RENEE NICHOLASCaleb NicholasRaider 5th Grade
201710108RENEE NICHOLASCaleb NicholasRaider 5th Grade
201710109RENEE NICHOLASCaleb NicholasRaider 5th Grade
201710110RENEE NICHOLASCaleb NicholasRaider 5th Grade
201710111DENISE LANSFORDEmmerie BlankenshipMiss Raiders
201710112DENISE LANSFORDEmmerie BlankenshipMiss Raiders
201710113DENISE LANSFORDEmmerie BlankenshipMiss Raiders
201710114DENISE LANSFORDEmmerie BlankenshipMiss Raiders
201710115PAUL ROGERSCaleb NicholasRaider 5th Grade
201710116PAUL ROGERSCaleb NicholasRaider 5th Grade
201710117PAUL ROGERSCaleb NicholasRaider 5th Grade
201710118KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710119KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710120KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710121KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710122KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710123KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710124KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710125KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710126KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710127KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710128KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710129KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710130KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710131KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710132KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710133KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710134KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710135KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710136KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710137KEVIN KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710138JAYSON SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710139JAYSON SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710140JAYSON SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710141JAYSON SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710142JAYSON SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710143JAYSON SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710144JAYSON SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710145JAYSON SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710146JAYSON SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710147JAYSON SAGEKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710148SHARON OWENSKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710149SHARON OWENSKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710150SHARON OWENSKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710151SHARON OWENSKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710152SHARON OWENSKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710153JAKE CASTROKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710154JAKE CASTROKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710155JAKE CASTROKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710156JAKE CASTROKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710157JAKE CASTROKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710158JEFF YARBERKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710159JEFF YARBERKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710160JEFF YARBERKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710161JEFF YARBERKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710162JEFF YARBERKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710163BRANDON MCDANIELLogan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201710164ELI MARTINEZIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710165ELI MARTINEZIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710166GAIL BARNESIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710167GAIL BARNESIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710168GAIL BARNESIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710169GAIL BARNESIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710170GAIL BARNESIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710171STACY KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710172STACY KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710173STACY KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710174STACY KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710175STACY KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710176JENNIFER SALAZARCaleb NicholasRaider 5th Grade
201710177JENNIFER SALAZARCaleb NicholasRaider 5th Grade
201710178JENNIFER SALAZARCaleb NicholasRaider 5th Grade
201710179HALEY WHITESIDEMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710180AARON TREVETHAN Maximus KrondakRaider 4th Grade
201710181AARON TREVETHAN Maximus KrondakRaider 4th Grade
201710182AARON TREVETHAN Maximus KrondakRaider 4th Grade
201710183AARON TREVETHAN Maximus KrondakRaider 4th Grade
201710184AARON TREVETHAN Maximus KrondakRaider 4th Grade
201710185JANETTE DANSBYVincent HernandezRaider 5th Grade
201710186JANETTE DANSBYVincent HernandezRaider 5th Grade
201710187FRANCIS GONGLOFFBrianna LeoCheer Competition Team
201710188FRANCIS GONGLOFFBrianna LeoCheer Competition Team
201710189FRANCIS GONGLOFFBrianna LeoCheer Competition Team
201710190FRANCIS GONGLOFFBrianna LeoCheer Competition Team
201710191FRANCIS GONGLOFFBrianna LeoCheer Competition Team
201710192SARAH SHELKINBrianna LeoCheer Competition Team
201710193YOLANDE HULLNeil BartonRaider 5th Grade
201710194DONALD HULL JRNeil BartonRaider 5th Grade
201710195SHIRLEY LOCASCIONeil BartonRaider 5th Grade
201710196DOMINIQUE HULLNeil BartonRaider 5th Grade
201710197NATHAN ACHESONAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710198NATHAN ACHESONAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710199NATHAN ACHESONAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710200NATHAN ACHESONAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710201NATHAN ACHESONAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710202NATHAN ACHESONAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710203NATHAN ACHESONAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710204NATHAN ACHESONAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710205NATHAN ACHESONAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710206NATHAN ACHESONAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710207JODI PARREmmerie BlankenshipMiss Raiders
201710208JODI PARREmmerie BlankenshipMiss Raiders
201710209BRIAN HELLMANBrianna LeoCheer Competition Team
201710210BRIAN HELLMANBrianna LeoCheer Competition Team
201710211BRIAN HELLMANBrianna LeoCheer Competition Team
201710212BRIAN HELLMANBrianna LeoCheer Competition Team
201710213BRIAN HELLMANBrianna LeoCheer Competition Team
201710214ROBERT STECKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710215ROBERT STECKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710216ROBERT STECKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710217ROBERT STECKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710218ROBERT STECKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710219ROBERT STECKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710220ROBERT STECKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710221ROBERT STECKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710222ROBERT STECKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710223ROBERT STECKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710224ROBERT STECKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710225ROBERT STECKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710226ROBERT STECKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710227ROBERT STECKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710228ROBERT STECKMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710229NINA PRICEAmelie ConfortiMiss Raiders
201710230NINA PRICEAmelie ConfortiMiss Raiders
201710231ADONICA MARQUEZAmelie ConfortiMiss Raiders
201710232ADONICA MARQUEZAmelie ConfortiMiss Raiders
201710233ADONICA MARQUEZAmelie ConfortiMiss Raiders
201710234TERRY F EHRLICHConnor EhrlichRaider Flag 5-6
201710235TERRY F EHRLICHConnor EhrlichRaider Flag 5-6
201710236TERRY F EHRLICHConnor EhrlichRaider Flag 5-6
201710237TERRY F EHRLICHConnor EhrlichRaider Flag 5-6
201710238TERRY F EHRLICHConnor EhrlichRaider Flag 5-6
201710239TERRY F EHRLICHConnor EhrlichRaider Flag 5-6
201710240TERRY F EHRLICHConnor EhrlichRaider Flag 5-6
201710241TERRY F EHRLICHConnor EhrlichRaider Flag 5-6
201710242TERRY F EHRLICHConnor EhrlichRaider Flag 5-6
201710243TERRY F EHRLICHConnor EhrlichRaider Flag 5-6
201710244MARY CONFORTIAmelie ConfortiMiss Raiders
201710245MARY CONFORTIAmelie ConfortiMiss Raiders
201710246MARY CONFORTIAmelie ConfortiMiss Raiders
201710247MARY CONFORTIAmelie ConfortiMiss Raiders
201710248MARY CONFORTIAmelie ConfortiMiss Raiders
201710249MARY CONFORTIAmelie ConfortiMiss Raiders
201710250SHALINDRA SILVAMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710251SHALINDRA SILVAMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710252SHALINDRA SILVAMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710253MIGUEL GONZALEZKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710254MIGUEL GONZALEZKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710255JULIE PULLEYAddison SchieleinMiss Raiders
201710256JULIE PULLEYBrynn SchieleinMiss Raiders
201710257JULIE PULLEYBrynn SchieleinMiss Raiders
201710258LYNDA PULLEYAddison SchieleinMiss Raiders
201710259KATIE GRIFFIN Scout HohenbergerMiss Raiders
201710260KATIE GRIFFIN Scout HohenbergerMiss Raiders
201710261GLENDA RHODESKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710262GLENDA RHODESKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710263GLENDA RHODESKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710264GLENDA RHODESKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710265GLENDA RHODESKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710266GLENDA RHODESKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710267GLENDA RHODESKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710268GLENDA RHODESKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710269GLENDA RHODESKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710270GLENDA RHODESKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710271HANNAH SCHROEDERScout HohenbergerMiss Raiders
201710272HANNAH SCHROEDERScout HohenbergerMiss Raiders
201710273CHARY WILLIAMS Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710274CHARY WILLIAMS Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710275SHIRLEY JONESScout HohenbergerMiss Raiders
201710276TAMMY MITCHELL Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710277JESSICA JAMESBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710278JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710279JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710280JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710281JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710282JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710283JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710284JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710285JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710286JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710287JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710288JOANNE JAMESBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710289JOANNE JAMESBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710290BARRETT JAMESBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710291BARRETT JAMESBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710292BARRETT JAMESBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710293MAUREEN LAWRENCEBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710294MAUREEN LAWRENCEBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710295TRACEY VANNDelilah VannLady Raiders
201710296JOSE MARQUEZAmelie ConfortiMiss Raiders
201710297JOSE MARQUEZAmelie ConfortiMiss Raiders
201710298VICKIE MARTINEZIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710299ELIAS MARTINEZIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710300KEITH SANZONEPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710301KEITH SANZONEPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710302KEITH SANZONEPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710303KEITH SANZONEPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710304RHONA LAWRENCE Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710305RHONA LAWRENCE Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710306RHONA LAWRENCE Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710307RHONA LAWRENCE Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710308RHONA LAWRENCE Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710309SARAH MCILROYBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710310JACK MORRISLogan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201710311JACK MORRISLogan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201710312JACK MORRISLogan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201710313SANYA PARSONSBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710314LISA WHITELEYNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201710315LISA WHITELEYNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201710316DEBORAH JULIENBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710317DEBORAH JULIENBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710318DEBORAH JULIENBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710319JENNIFER JAMES Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710320JANICE BRANCHJustin TatumRaider 6th Grade
201710321JANICE BRANCHJustin TatumRaider 6th Grade
201710322JANICE BRANCHJustin TatumRaider 6th Grade
201710323JANICE BRANCHJustin TatumRaider 6th Grade
201710324JANICE BRANCHJustin TatumRaider 6th Grade
201710325CLINT BRANCHJustin TatumRaider 6th Grade
201710326CLINT BRANCHJustin TatumRaider 6th Grade
201710327CLINT BRANCHJustin TatumRaider 6th Grade
201710328CLINT BRANCHJustin TatumRaider 6th Grade
201710329CLINT BRANCHJustin TatumRaider 6th Grade
201710330LANCE VANZANDT Kendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710331LANCE VANZANDT Kendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710332MARTHA BARRIOS Delilah VannLady Raiders
201710333ANNA L. NAVAAmelie ConfortiMiss Raiders
201710334ANNA L. NAVAAmelie ConfortiMiss Raiders
201710335ERIN MORGANMaddox MorganRaider Flag 7-8-9
201710336ERIN MORGANMaddox MorganRaider Flag 7-8-9
201710337ERIN MORGANLondon MorganRaider 4th Grade
201710338MELISSA HULLKinley CarrejoMiss Raiders
201710339AMANDA STEWARTKinley CarrejoMiss Raiders
201710340AMANDA STEWARTKinley CarrejoMiss Raiders
201710341AMANDA STEWARTKinley CarrejoMiss Raiders
201710342TINA REAGANTessa MatthewsLady Raiders
201710343TINA REAGANTessa MatthewsLady Raiders
201710344TINA REAGANTessa MatthewsLady Raiders
201710345TINA REAGANTessa MatthewsLady Raiders
201710346TINA REAGANTessa MatthewsLady Raiders
201710347MAURICE ELLIOTTSarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710348MAURICE ELLIOTTSarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710349MAURICE ELLIOTTSarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710350MAURICE ELLIOTTSarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710351MAURICE ELLIOTTSarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710352ERIN MORGANLondon MorganRaider 4th Grade
201710353KAYLA BLANKENSHIP Emmerie BlankenshipMiss Raiders
201710354KAYLA BLANKENSHIP Emmerie BlankenshipMiss Raiders
201710355KAYLA BLANKENSHIP Emmerie BlankenshipMiss Raiders
201710356KAYLA BLANKENSHIP Emmerie BlankenshipMiss Raiders
201710357KELLY ALEXANDERJustin TatumRaider 6th Grade
201710358STACEY PYEM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710359STACEY PYEM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710360SHANE ALEXANDERJustin TatumRaider 6th Grade
201710361SHANE ALEXANDERJustin TatumRaider 6th Grade
201710362ASHLEY GARCIAEmmerie BlankenshipMiss Raiders
201710363GREGG ELLIOTTSarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710364GREGG ELLIOTTSarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710365JENNIFER SHELTONBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710366DEENA PAFFORDAiden BrinkRaider 6th Grade
201710367DEENA PAFFORDAiden BrinkRaider 6th Grade
201710368DEENA PAFFORDHailey BrinkMiss Raiders
201710369DEENA PAFFORDHailey BrinkMiss Raiders
201710370MELISSA TSAIM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710371JULIE DAVISM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710372AUTUMN FORFKinley CarrejoMiss Raiders
201710373JOHN VANNDelilah VannLady Raiders
201710374JOHN VANNDelilah VannLady Raiders
201710375JOHN VANNDelilah VannLady Raiders
201710376JOHN VANNDelilah VannLady Raiders
201710377JOHN VANNDelilah VannLady Raiders
201710378RON PULLEYAddison SchieleinMiss Raiders
201710379RON PULLEYAddison SchieleinMiss Raiders
201710380RON PULLEYBrynn SchieleinMiss Raiders
201710381RON PULLEYBrynn SchieleinMiss Raiders
201710382SCOTT ELLIOTTSarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710383SCOTT ELLIOTTSarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710384SCOTT ELLIOTTSarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710385SCOTT ELLIOTTSarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710386SCOTT ELLIOTTSarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710387SCOTT ELLIOTTSarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710388SCOTT ELLIOTTSarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710389SCOTT ELLIOTTSarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710390SCOTT ELLIOTTSarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710391SCOTT ELLIOTTSarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710392JENNIFER PAYNEM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710393JENNIFER PAYNEM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710394LAUREN BRUMLEYEmmerie BlankenshipMiss Raiders
201710395LAUREN BRUMLEYEmmerie BlankenshipMiss Raiders
201710396CAROL GREENM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710397KRISTEN COOPERAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710398KRISTEN COOPERAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710399ZACK PHILLIPSJacob PhillipsRaider 4th Grade
201710400ZACK PHILLIPSJacob PhillipsRaider 4th Grade
201710401ZACK PHILLIPSJacob PhillipsRaider 4th Grade
201710402ZACK PHILLIPSJacob PhillipsRaider 4th Grade
201710403ZACK PHILLIPSJacob PhillipsRaider 4th Grade
201710404ZACK PHILLIPSJacob PhillipsRaider 4th Grade
201710405ZACK PHILLIPSJacob PhillipsRaider 4th Grade
201710406ZACK PHILLIPSJacob PhillipsRaider 4th Grade
201710407ZACK PHILLIPSJacob PhillipsRaider 4th Grade
201710408ZACK PHILLIPSJacob PhillipsRaider 4th Grade
201710409SUSAN DOGGETTLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201710410SUSAN DOGGETTLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201710411MIKE DAVIS Aubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710412MIKE DAVIS Aubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710413MIKE DAVIS Aubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710414MIKE DAVIS Aubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710415MIKE DAVIS Aubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710416REBEKAH MUNGIASarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710417REBEKAH MUNGIASarah GregoryMiss Raiders
201710418ASHLEY COPPIMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710419HAILEY COFTYLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201710420HAILEY COFTYLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201710421WENDY MUELLERM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710422WENDY MUELLERM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710423HOLLY GOODINEAiden BrinkRaider 6th Grade
201710424HOLLY GOODINEHailey BrinkMiss Raiders
201710425ROSALIE KRONDAKMaximus KrondakRaider 4th Grade
201710426CHRIS RHODESM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710427TRISTA HARVEYKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710428MICHAEL HUMBERKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710429MICHAEL HUMBERKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710430MICHAEL HUMBERKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710431MICHAEL HUMBERKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710432MICHAEL HUMBERKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710433M. KATHLEEN SMITHHailey BrinkMiss Raiders
201710434ERIC BOWERSAiden BrinkRaider 6th Grade
201710435ERIC BOWERSAiden BrinkRaider 6th Grade
201710436ERIC BOWERSHailey BrinkMiss Raiders
201710437ERIC BOWERSHailey BrinkMiss Raiders
201710438KEVIN LEMAYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710439KEVIN LEMAYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710440M. KATHLEEN SMITHAiden BrinkRaider 6th Grade
201710441M. KATHLEEN SMITHAiden BrinkRaider 6th Grade
201710442JUAN MONTELONGOAiden BrinkRaider 6th Grade
201710443JUAN MONTELONGOHailey BrinkMiss Raiders
201710444LEILA GALLEGOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710445LEILA GALLEGOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710446LEILA GALLEGOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710447LEILA GALLEGOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710448LEILA GALLEGOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710449LEILA GALLEGOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710450LEILA GALLEGOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710451LEILA GALLEGOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710452LEILA GALLEGOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710453LEILA GALLEGOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710454GARY HODGEM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710455GARY HODGEM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710456GARY HODGEM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710457GARY HODGEM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710458GARY HODGEM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710459GARY HODGEM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710460GARY HODGEM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710461GARY HODGEM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710462GARY HODGEM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710463GARY HODGEM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710464ANTHONY HANNEGANAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710465ANTHONY HANNEGANAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710466STEFANI HAJOVSKYRylan PayneRaider 6th Grade
201710467STEFANI HAJOVSKYRhett PayneRaider Flag 5-6
201710468DOUGLAS FOXBrianna LeoCheer Competition Team
201710469DOUGLAS FOXBrianna LeoCheer Competition Team
201710470DOUGLAS FOXBrianna LeoCheer Competition Team
201710471DOUGLAS FOXBrianna LeoCheer Competition Team
201710472DOUGLAS FOXBrianna LeoCheer Competition Team
201710473BARBRA BAUCUM Kendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710474BARBRA BAUCUM Kendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710475PAT WILLIAMSKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710476PAT WILLIAMSKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710477PAT WILLIAMSKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710478PAT WILLIAMSKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710479PAT WILLIAMSKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710480DANNY ROLLOKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710481DANNY ROLLOKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710482DANNY ROLLOKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710483DANNY ROLLOKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710484DANNY ROLLOKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710485JIMMY MUNOZKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710486JIMMY MUNOZKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710487JIMMY MUNOZKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710488JIMMY MUNOZKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710489JIMMY MUNOZKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710490CRYSTAL STANTONKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710491CRYSTAL STANTONKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710492PETER DONNESKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710493PETER DONNESKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710494JONATHAN THOMASKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710495JONATHAN THOMASKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710496JOE RHODESKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710497JOE RHODESKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710498JOE RHODESKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710499JOE RHODESKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710500JOE RHODESKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710501JOE RHODESKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710502TABITHA TRACY SWIESTessa MatthewsLady Raiders
201710503TABITHA TRACY SWIESTessa MatthewsLady Raiders
201710504JOHN GONZALESMason RiegerRaider 5th Grade
201710505JOHN GONZALESMason RiegerRaider 5th Grade
201710506JOSHUA TOVARAiden BrinkRaider 6th Grade
201710507JOSHUA TOVARAiden BrinkRaider 6th Grade
201710508CHASE RAHMKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710509CHASE RAHMKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710510CHASE RAHMKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710511CHASE RAHMKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710512CHASE RAHMKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710513JD LATIMERKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710514JD LATIMERKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710515JUSTIN WALKERKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710516JUSTIN WALKERKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710517JUSTIN WALKERKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710518JUSTIN WALKERKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710519JUSTIN WALKERKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710520JUSTIN WALKERKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710521PATRICIA MARTINEZIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710522PATRICIA MARTINEZIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710523PATRICIA MARTINEZIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201710524ALEX CHRISTIANSONBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710525ALEX CHRISTIANSONBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710526ALEX CHRISTIANSONBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201710527BLAKE WELTONPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710528BLAKE WELTONPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710529BLAKE WELTONPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710530BLAKE WELTONPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710531BLAKE WELTONPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710532BLAKE WELTONPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710533BLAKE WELTONPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710534BLAKE WELTONPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710535BLAKE WELTONPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710536BLAKE WELTONPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710537DIANNA GRIFFITHLondon MorganRaider 4th Grade
201710538MICHELLE TIPPETTKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710539MICHELLE TIPPETTKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710540MICHELLE TIPPETTKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710541ALEX MAXWELLKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710542ALEX MAXWELLKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710543ALEX MAXWELLKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710544ALEX MAXWELLKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710545ALEX MAXWELLKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710546ALEX MAXWELLKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710547ROSIE RUDDYBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710548BRANDON SHABAZZAiden JonesRaider 4th Grade
201710549KATHRYN SCOTTM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710550KATHRYN SCOTTM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710551JOHN DAVISAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710552JOHN DAVISAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710553JOHN DAVISAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710554JOHN DAVISAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710555JOHN DAVISAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710556DANA CORONAJudson MannRaider 6th Grade
201710557DANA CORONAJudson MannRaider 6th Grade
201710558DOROTHY MANNJudson MannRaider 6th Grade
201710559DOROTHY MANNJudson MannRaider 6th Grade
201710560DOROTHY MANNJudson MannRaider 6th Grade
201710561DOROTHY MANNJudson MannRaider 6th Grade
201710562DOROTHY MANNJudson MannRaider 6th Grade
201710563JEANNE HARRISONJudson MannRaider 6th Grade
201710564JEANNE HARRISONJudson MannRaider 6th Grade
201710565KATIE HENDERSONIsaac FloresRaider 6th Grade
201710566KATIE HENDERSONIsaac FloresRaider 6th Grade
201710567PHILLIP KERRJudson MannRaider 6th Grade
201710568PHILLIP KERRJudson MannRaider 6th Grade
201710569PHILLIP KERRJudson MannRaider 6th Grade
201710570PHILLIP KERRJudson MannRaider 6th Grade
201710571PHILLIP KERRJudson MannRaider 6th Grade
201710572GLENN HONEYCUTTIsaiah HoneycuttRaider 4th Grade
201710573GLENN HONEYCUTTIsaiah HoneycuttRaider 4th Grade
201710574GLENN HONEYCUTTIsaiah HoneycuttRaider 4th Grade
201710575GLENN HONEYCUTTIsaiah HoneycuttRaider 4th Grade
201710576GLENN HONEYCUTTIsaiah HoneycuttRaider 4th Grade
201710577GLENN HONEYCUTTElijah HoneycuttRaider 6th Grade
201710578GLENN HONEYCUTTElijah HoneycuttRaider 6th Grade
201710579GLENN HONEYCUTTElijah HoneycuttRaider 6th Grade
201710580GLENN HONEYCUTTElijah HoneycuttRaider 6th Grade
201710581GLENN HONEYCUTTElijah HoneycuttRaider 6th Grade
201710582NOE BARRIOSDelilah VannLady Raiders
201710583NOE BARRIOSDelilah VannLady Raiders
201710584JOHN SPILLMANPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710585JOHN SPILLMANPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710586JOHN SPILLMANPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710587JOHN SPILLMANPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710588JOHN SPILLMANPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710589JOHN SPILLMANPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710590JOHN SPILLMANPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710591JOHN SPILLMANPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710592JOHN SPILLMANPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710593JOHN SPILLMANPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710594JAMES HENDERSONBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710595ANNE GREENWOODLogan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201710596ANNE GREENWOODLogan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201710597MARK GREENWOODLogan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201710598MARK GREENWOODLogan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201710599CARLA HAMEDMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710600CARLA HAMEDMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201710601LORI BARRIOSDelilah VannLady Raiders
201710602SUZANNE FORBESColton CerdaRaider 6th Grade
201710603SUZANNE FORBESColton CerdaRaider 6th Grade
201710604DARRIN BARTONNeil BartonRaider 5th Grade
201710605DARRIN BARTONNeil BartonRaider 5th Grade
201710606DARRIN BARTONNeil BartonRaider 5th Grade
201710607DARRIN BARTONNeil BartonRaider 5th Grade
201710608DARRIN BARTONNeil BartonRaider 5th Grade
201710609DARRIN BARTONNeil BartonRaider 5th Grade
201710610TORI ROBERTSONCarleigh RobertsonCheer Competition Team
201710611TORI ROBERTSONCarleigh RobertsonCheer Competition Team
201710612TORI ROBERTSONCarleigh RobertsonCheer Competition Team
201710613TORI ROBERTSONCarleigh RobertsonCheer Competition Team
201710614TORI ROBERTSONCarleigh RobertsonCheer Competition Team
201710615TORI ROBERTSONCarleigh RobertsonCheer Competition Team
201710616TORI ROBERTSONCarleigh RobertsonCheer Competition Team
201710617TORI ROBERTSONCarleigh RobertsonCheer Competition Team
201710618ELAINA GRIFFINPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710619ELAINA GRIFFINPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710620ELAINA GRIFFINPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710621BIANCA GOODMANDelilah VannLady Raiders
201710622BIANCA GOODMANDelilah VannLady Raiders
201710623BIANCA GOODMANDelilah VannLady Raiders
201710624BIANCA GOODMANDelilah VannLady Raiders
201710625BIANCA GOODMANDelilah VannLady Raiders
201710626MIKE LENNERTZKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710627MIKE LENNERTZKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201710628SHARYN LACOMBELogan LaCombeRaider 6th Grade
201710629SHARYN LACOMBELogan LaCombeRaider 6th Grade
201710630SHARYN LACOMBELogan LaCombeRaider 6th Grade
201710631SHARYN LACOMBELogan LaCombeRaider 6th Grade
201710632SHARYN LACOMBELogan LaCombeRaider 6th Grade
201710633SHARYN LACOMBELogan LaCombeRaider 6th Grade
201710634SHARYN LACOMBELogan LaCombeRaider 6th Grade
201710635SHARYN LACOMBELogan LaCombeRaider 6th Grade
201710636SHARYN LACOMBELogan LaCombeRaider 6th Grade
201710637SHARYN LACOMBELogan LaCombeRaider 6th Grade
201710638BRANDI MANN Judson MannRaider 6th Grade
201710639BRANDI MANN Judson MannRaider 6th Grade
201710640BRANDI MANN Judson MannRaider 6th Grade
201710641PENNI KERRJudson MannRaider 6th Grade
201710642DANIELLE HAMMONDSPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710643DANIELLE HAMMONDSPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710644JAN KENDRICKPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710645NEKILAH PAYLORZion TalbertRaider 5th Grade
201710646NEKILAH PAYLORZion TalbertRaider 5th Grade
201710647RAMZI AL-RASHIDM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710648RAMZI AL-RASHIDM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710649RAMZI AL-RASHIDM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710650RAMZI AL-RASHIDM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710651RAMZI AL-RASHIDM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710652RAMZI AL-RASHIDM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710653RAMZI AL-RASHIDM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710654RAMZI AL-RASHIDM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710655RAMZI AL-RASHIDM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710656RAMZI AL-RASHIDM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710657MICHAEL HOLLANDPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710658MICHAEL HOLLANDPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710659TAMARA SMITHLondon MorganRaider 4th Grade
201710660CAROL BASSHAMAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710661CAROL BASSHAMAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201710662DEBBIE SANGALLIPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710663DEBBIE SANGALLIPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710664DEBBIE SANGALLIPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710665DEBBIE SANGALLIPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710666DEBBIE SANGALLIPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710667MICHAEL BAUMERPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710668MICHAEL BAUMERPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710669DOMINGA GUERRATyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710670DOMINGA GUERRATyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710671MELISSA BERGERONTyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710672MELISSA BERGERONTyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710673CAROLYN CAGLETyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710674CAROLYN CAGLETyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710675CAROLYN CAGLETyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710676CAROLYN CAGLETyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710677CAROLYN CAGLETyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710678IAN WEBSTERPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710679IAN WEBSTERPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201710680KRYSTAL MAYBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710681KRYSTAL MAYBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710682BARBARA HAYESTyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710683BARBARA HAYESTyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710684BARBARA HAYESTyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710685BARBARA HAYESTyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710686BARBARA HAYESTyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710687BARBARA HAYESTyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710688BARBARA HAYESTyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710689BARBARA HAYESTyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710690BARBARA HAYESTyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710691BARBARA HAYESTyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710692ALYSSIA MCCOYBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710693ALYSSIA MCCOYBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710694GARY BERGERONTyler BergeronRaider 5th Grade
201710695GERRY NEFFDiego NeffRaider Flag 7-8-9
201710696FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710697FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710698FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710699FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710700FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710701FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710702FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710703FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710704FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710705FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710706CASSIE HARRISONBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710707CASSIE HARRISONBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710708CASSIE HARRISONBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710709CASSIE HARRISONBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710710CASSIE HARRISONBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710711CHANTREL DAULTONBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710712CHANTREL DAULTONBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710713CHANTREL DAULTONBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710714QUINTON DANIELSAiden JonesRaider 4th Grade
201710715MICHAEL BORDERSAiden JonesRaider 4th Grade
201710716MICHAEL BORDERSAiden JonesRaider 4th Grade
201710717MICHAEL BORDERSAiden JonesRaider 4th Grade
201710718CHARLES CALDWELLAiden JonesRaider 4th Grade
201710719BRIANA SMITHBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710720BRIANA SMITHBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710721COURTNEY TAYLORAiden JonesRaider 4th Grade
201710722LAWRENCE MCCLAINBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710723RAEVN WORKSAiden JonesRaider 4th Grade
201710724RAEVN WORKSAiden JonesRaider 4th Grade
201710725TRASELL UNDERWOODAiden JonesRaider 4th Grade
201710726TRASELL UNDERWOODAiden JonesRaider 4th Grade
201710727VANETTE MARINBrooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710728JOHN NEFFDiego NeffRaider Flag 7-8-9
201710729JOHN NEFFDiego NeffRaider Flag 7-8-9
201710730CAROLYN CALDWELLAiden JonesRaider 4th Grade
201710731JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710732JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710733JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710734JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710735JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710736JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710737JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710738JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710739JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710740JIM ENRIGHT Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710741CASSIE HARRISON Brooklyn HarrisonMiss Raiders
201710742ROBERT PEREZRydan AlvarezRaider 4th Grade
201710743ROBERT PEREZRydan AlvarezRaider 4th Grade
201710744ROBERT PEREZRydan AlvarezRaider 4th Grade
201710745ROBERT PEREZRydan AlvarezRaider 4th Grade
201710746ROBERT PEREZRydan AlvarezRaider 4th Grade
201710747ROBERT PEREZRydan AlvarezRaider 4th Grade
201710748ROBERT PEREZRydan AlvarezRaider 4th Grade
201710749ANTHONEY ANDREWRydan AlvarezRaider 4th Grade
201710750MARY DAVISAiden JonesRaider 4th Grade
201710751MARY DAVISAiden JonesRaider 4th Grade
201710752TIFFANY BUSBEETeagan RowellLady Raiders
201710753FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710754FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710755FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710756FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710757FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710758FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710759FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710760FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710761FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710762FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710763FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710764FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710765FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710766FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710767FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710768KIM MATTOM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710769KIM MATTOM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710770FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710771FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710772FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710773FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710774FRANK SANTOSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710775KERI SCOTTM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201710776KERI SCOTTM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201720011JEFF HANKSAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201720012JEFF HANKSAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201720013SABINO BECERRAAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201720020SABINO BECERRAAubryn DavisRaider 4th Grade
201720047TIM JOLLYLogan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201720048TIM JOLLYLogan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201720049RON COLLINSLogan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201720050RON COLLINSLogan JollyRaider 4th Grade
201720051JENNIFER MANATTRobert ManattRaider 4th Grade
201720052JENNIFER MANATTRobert ManattRaider 4th Grade
201720053JENNIFER MANATTRobert ManattRaider 4th Grade
201720054JENNIFER MANATTRobert ManattRaider 4th Grade
201720055JENNIFER MANATTRobert ManattRaider 4th Grade
201720056JENNIFER MANATTRobert ManattRaider 4th Grade
201720057JENNIFER MANATTRobert ManattRaider 4th Grade
201720058JENNIFER MANATTRobert ManattRaider 4th Grade
201720059JENNIFER MANATTRobert ManattRaider 4th Grade
201720060JENNIFER MANATTRobert ManattRaider 4th Grade
201720061RUSIKA PANDYALondon MorganRaider 4th Grade
201720062CHAI LLondon MorganRaider 4th Grade
201720063CONNOR TEARNEYLondon MorganRaider 4th Grade
201720064KRISTEN DUFFEYLondon MorganRaider 4th Grade
201720081REGINALD JOHNSONAnthony ReyesRaider 4th Grade
201720082KELLY KORTEAnthony ReyesRaider 4th Grade
201720083JOSE MENDEZAnthony ReyesRaider 4th Grade
201720084ELENA CALLISAnthony ReyesRaider 4th Grade
201720085LAURA LAZOAnthony ReyesRaider 4th Grade
201720086HECTOR REYES SR.Anthony ReyesRaider 4th Grade
201720087JAIME SAnthony ReyesRaider 4th Grade
201720088PETER BYERSAnthony ReyesRaider 4th Grade
201720089PETER BYERSAnthony ReyesRaider 4th Grade
201720090ANDREW JEPPESENAnthony ReyesRaider 4th Grade
201720141JILL MARKUSTyler EvansRaider 5th Grade
201720142JILL MARKUSTyler EvansRaider 5th Grade
201720143JILL MARKUSTyler EvansRaider 5th Grade
201720144JILL MARKUSTyler EvansRaider 5th Grade
201720145JILL MARKUSTyler EvansRaider 5th Grade
201720146JAN COLLEYTyler EvansRaider 5th Grade
201720147JAN COLLEYTyler EvansRaider 5th Grade
201720148DEREK EVANSTyler EvansRaider 5th Grade
201720149DEREK EVANSTyler EvansRaider 5th Grade
201720150DEREK EVANSTyler EvansRaider 5th Grade
201720171SUZY SWANCaleb NicholasRaider 5th Grade
201720172SUZY SWANCaleb NicholasRaider 5th Grade
201720174CONNIE COLLINSCaleb NicholasRaider 5th Grade
201720175CONNIE COLLINSCaleb NicholasRaider 5th Grade
201720176MINDY TRAMMELCaleb NicholasRaider 5th Grade
201720177PETRA PLACECaleb NicholasRaider 5th Grade
201720201NORA PRUETTCarson PruettRaider 5th Grade
201720202NORA PRUETTCarson PruettRaider 5th Grade
201720203NORA PRUETTCarson PruettRaider 5th Grade
201720204NORA PRUETTCarson PruettRaider 5th Grade
201720205NORA PRUETTCarson PruettRaider 5th Grade
201720206NORA PRUETTCarson PruettRaider 5th Grade
201720207NORA PRUETTCarson PruettRaider 5th Grade
201720208NORA PRUETTCarson PruettRaider 5th Grade
201720209NORA PRUETTCarson PruettRaider 5th Grade
201720210NORA PRUETTCarson PruettRaider 5th Grade
201720211VICKEY HUTCHINSONMason RiegerRaider 5th Grade
201720212VICKEY HUTCHINSONMason RiegerRaider 5th Grade
201720213BRIAN EBERWINEMason RiegerRaider 5th Grade
201720221A CLARKRyker HanawaltRaider Flag 5-6
201720231MONICA SIEGFRIEDZander SiegfriedRaider 5th Grade
201720232MONICA SIEGFRIEDZander SiegfriedRaider 5th Grade
201720233DAN SIEGFRIEDZander SiegfriedRaider 5th Grade
201720234LILY SIEGFRIEDZander SiegfriedRaider 5th Grade
201720235DAN SIEGFRIEDZander SiegfriedRaider 5th Grade
201720236LILY SIEGFRIEDZander SiegfriedRaider 5th Grade
201720237DAN SIEGFRIEDZander SiegfriedRaider 5th Grade
201720238DAN SIEGFRIEDZander SiegfriedRaider 5th Grade
201720239LILY SIEGFRIEDZander SiegfriedRaider 5th Grade
201720240LILY SIEGFRIEDZander SiegfriedRaider 5th Grade
201720241RUSSELL SMITHTucker SmithRaider 5th Grade
201720242RUSSELL SMITHTucker SmithRaider 5th Grade
201720243RUSSELL SMITHTucker SmithRaider 5th Grade
201720244RUSSELL SMITHTucker SmithRaider 5th Grade
201720245RUSSELL SMITHTucker SmithRaider 5th Grade
201720246RUSSELL SMITHTucker SmithRaider 5th Grade
201720247RUSSELL SMITHTucker SmithRaider 5th Grade
201720248RUSSELL SMITHTucker SmithRaider 5th Grade
201720249RUSSELL SMITHTucker SmithRaider 5th Grade
201720250RUSSELL SMITHTucker SmithRaider 5th Grade
201720251DEANNA HUBBARDMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201720252PAUL ZUNIGAMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201720253MIKE KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201720254MIKE KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201720255MIKE KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201720256MIKE KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201720257MIKE KELLEYMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201720258DEANNA HUBBARDMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201720259BRANDI NEWMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201720260BRANDI NEWMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201720261CAMI GAMBOAZion TalbertRaider 5th Grade
201720262LATERAH WANZERZion TalbertRaider 5th Grade
201720263LATERAH WANZERZion TalbertRaider 5th Grade
201720264LATERAH WANZERZion TalbertRaider 5th Grade
201720265KIM BURRISSZion TalbertRaider 5th Grade
201720271SAL VILLASENORCody WiestRaider 5th Grade
201720272JAIME RULLANCody WiestRaider 5th Grade
201720273JOHN NOWLOVELCody WiestRaider 5th Grade
201720281RYAN LONGENFELTERJaden WinslowRaider 5th Grade
201720282MICHAEL SECRLESJaden WinslowRaider 5th Grade
201720283CATHERINE WINSLOWJaden WinslowRaider 5th Grade
201720284CATHERINE WINSLOWJaden WinslowRaider 5th Grade
201720285CAMILLE LENTZJaden WinslowRaider 5th Grade
201720286SHANNON CONNELLYJaden WinslowRaider 5th Grade
201720287BOB JONESJaden WinslowRaider 5th Grade
201720288DARRELL SHOWJaden WinslowRaider 5th Grade
201720289TRISH SANDRIKJaden WinslowRaider 5th Grade
201720297KATIE CANTWELLAiden BrinkRaider 6th Grade
201720331JUDITH FISHERNicholas FisherRaider 6th Grade
201720332JUDITH FISHERNicholas FisherRaider 6th Grade
201720333JUDITH FISHERNicholas FisherRaider 6th Grade
201720334JUDITH FISHERNicholas FisherRaider 6th Grade
201720335JUDITH FISHERNicholas FisherRaider 6th Grade
201720336JUDITH FISHERNicholas FisherRaider 6th Grade
201720337JUDITH FISHERNicholas FisherRaider 6th Grade
201720338JUDITH FISHERNicholas FisherRaider 6th Grade
201720339JUDITH FISHERNicholas FisherRaider 6th Grade
201720340JUDITH FISHERNicholas FisherRaider 6th Grade
201720361CARL HISEYBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201720362CHRISTY HYDENBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201720364BOBBY JOHNSBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201720366NATHAN BIRDSONGBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201720367NATHAN BIRDSONGBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201720368NATHAN BIRDSONGBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201720369NATHAN BIRDSONGBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201720370NATHAN BIRDSONGBryce JohnsRaider 6th Grade
201720380NILKA SPARKSNicholas KieningRaider 6th Grade
201720391JAMES MANATTJames ManattRaider 6th Grade
201720392JAMES MANATTJames ManattRaider 6th Grade
201720393JAMES MANATTJames ManattRaider 6th Grade
201720394JAMES MANATTJames ManattRaider 6th Grade
201720395JAMES MANATTJames ManattRaider 6th Grade
201720396JAMES MANATTJames ManattRaider 6th Grade
201720397JAMES MANATTJames ManattRaider 6th Grade
201720398JAMES MANATTJames ManattRaider 6th Grade
201720399JAMES MANATTJames ManattRaider 6th Grade
201720400JAMES MANATTJames ManattRaider 6th Grade
201720401MATT HATFIELDJudson MannRaider 6th Grade
201720431MIKE OMBRESMason OmbresRaider 6th Grade
201720432MIKE OMBRESMason OmbresRaider 6th Grade
201720433DEVORA COOPERMason OmbresRaider 6th Grade
201720434JOSH KEITHMason OmbresRaider 6th Grade
201720435KRISTIAN MARTINEZMason OmbresRaider 6th Grade
201720436TONY ROTHBERGERMason OmbresRaider 6th Grade
201720437MANUEL FIGUEROAMason OmbresRaider 6th Grade
201720438MANUEL FIGUEROAMason OmbresRaider 6th Grade
201720439SANDY TAFFMason OmbresRaider 6th Grade
201720440SANDY TAFFMason OmbresRaider 6th Grade
201720451MELISSA SEWARDShaun ReisenRaider 6th Grade
201720452JOANNE SACCONEShaun ReisenRaider 6th Grade
201720453JOANNE SACCONEShaun ReisenRaider 6th Grade
201720454TINA LORMIERShaun ReisenRaider 6th Grade
201720455PATRICE HICKSShaun ReisenRaider 6th Grade
201720456PATRICE HICKSShaun ReisenRaider 6th Grade
201720457MIKE REISENShaun ReisenRaider 6th Grade
201720458MIKE REISENShaun ReisenRaider 6th Grade
201720459MELODY SACCONEShaun ReisenRaider 6th Grade
201720460MELODY SACCONEShaun ReisenRaider 6th Grade
201720501KAYLA BRANDENBERGERLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720502KAYLA BRANDENBERGERLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720503ANN KISSMANNLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720505JENNIFER BIEHLELogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720505OLLIE SIEGELERLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720506KIM MOERBELogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720507PEGGY SIEGLERLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720508GONZALO VIVASLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720509DIXIE VIVASLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720510KAY GOODLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720521KENT KIESCHNICKLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720521KENT KIESCHNICKLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720522TOM KIESCHNICKLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720523TOM KIESCHNICKLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720524LORIN KIESCHNICKLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720525LORIN KIESCHNICKLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720526KYLE KIESCHNICKLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720527KYLE KIESCHNICKLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720528CYNDE SAMPSONLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720529CYNDE SAMPSONLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201720531TIM EGLEPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201720532LORINA LUNAPreston WeltonRaider 6th Grade
201720551TELLIS HALLLiam DolanRaider Flag 5-6
201720552MIKE UMSCHEIDLiam DolanRaider Flag 5-6
201720553MIKE MARTINLiam DolanRaider Flag 5-6
201720554DERRICK HARDISONLiam DolanRaider Flag 5-6
201720555PHIL MAGUIRELiam DolanRaider Flag 5-6
201720556GLEN TIPTONLiam DolanRaider Flag 5-6
201720557ADAM CIESLAKLiam DolanRaider Flag 5-6
201720558VICKI SALAZARLiam DolanRaider Flag 5-6
201720559RILEY HUNTLiam DolanRaider Flag 5-6
201720560RILEY HUNTLiam DolanRaider Flag 5-6
201720581KEITH KINGKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201720582KEITH KINGKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201720583KEITH KINGKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201720584KEITH KINGKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201720585KEITH KINGKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201720586KEITH KINGKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201720587KEITH KINGKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201720588KEITH KINGKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201720589KEITH KINGKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201720590KEITH KINGKendall SageRaider 5th Grade
201720591MIKE HOBBSCayden HobbsRaider Flag 5-6
201720592MIKE HOBBSCayden HobbsRaider Flag 5-6
201720593JENNI ZIELKECayden HobbsRaider Flag 5-6
201720594JULIE BIRKENDERCayden HobbsRaider Flag 5-6
201720595ELLIE BIRKENEDERCayden HobbsRaider Flag 5-6
201720596TYLER HOBBSCayden HobbsRaider Flag 5-6
201720597TYLER HOBBSCayden HobbsRaider Flag 5-6
201720598TYLER HOBBSCayden HobbsRaider Flag 5-6
201720599TYLER HOBBSCayden HobbsRaider Flag 5-6
201720600TYLER HOBBSCayden HobbsRaider Flag 5-6
201720601SUSAN CULPEPPERCole CoxRaider 4th Grade
201720602WARREN HAMTRICKCole CoxRaider 4th Grade
201720603DELANA LEMLEYCole CoxRaider 4th Grade
201720604GINGER BRITTONCole CoxRaider 4th Grade
201720605GINGER BRITTONCole CoxRaider 4th Grade
201720606KIM COXCole CoxRaider 4th Grade
201720607JOHNNY SOVACole CoxRaider 4th Grade
201720608JOHNNY SOVACole CoxRaider 4th Grade
201720609KIM CLEMENTS Cole CoxRaider 4th Grade
201720610MARILYN GIETLCole CoxRaider 4th Grade
201720751GEORGIA SKOPALLondon MorganRaider 4th Grade
201720752JENNI SKOPALLondon MorganRaider 4th Grade
201720792GABY NEEDHAMSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201720793MICHAEL HENSLEYSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201720794WILEY THEDFORDSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201720795ARMANDO CANTUSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201720796ARMANDO CANTUSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201720797SHELLY ARNOLDHayley ArnoldLady Raiders
201720798SHELLY ARNOLDHayley ArnoldLady Raiders
201720799SHELLY ARNOLDHayley ArnoldLady Raiders
201720800SHELLY ARNOLDHayley ArnoldLady Raiders
201720841GARY TRACYTessa MatthewsLady Raiders
201720843DAVID CLIFTONTessa MatthewsLady Raiders
201720844DAVID CLIFTONTessa MatthewsLady Raiders
201720845JINNY SAADTessa MatthewsLady Raiders
201720846AMANDA TORRESTessa MatthewsLady Raiders
201720847AMANDA MATTHEWSTessa MatthewsLady Raiders
201720848AMANDA MATTHEWSTessa MatthewsLady Raiders
201720849AMANDA MATTHEWSTessa MatthewsLady Raiders
201720850GARTH MATTHEWSTessa MatthewsLady Raiders
201720861JASON SELMAN Samantha SelmanLady Raiders
201720862JASON SELMAN Samantha SelmanLady Raiders
201720863JASON SELMAN Samantha SelmanLady Raiders
201720864JASON SELMAN Samantha SelmanLady Raiders
201720865JASON SELMAN Samantha SelmanLady Raiders
201720866DENICE NEASONSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201720867DENICE NEASONSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201720868DENICE NEASONSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201720869DENICE NEASONSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201720870DENICE NEASONSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201720910KATIE CANTWELLAiden BrinkRaider 6th Grade
201720911CASEY COOPERKinley CarrejoMiss Raiders
201720911CASEY COOPERKinley CarrejoMiss Raiders
201720919CINDY BAILEYKinley CarrejoMiss Raiders
201720920BILL GARDIOLKinley CarrejoMiss Raiders
201720981SIERRA MARTINEZIsabella MalnarMiss Raiders
201720982WHITNEY RAINESIsabella MalnarMiss Raiders
201720983JUSTIN RAINESIsabella MalnarMiss Raiders
201720984JAMIE BRZEZINSKIIsabella MalnarMiss Raiders
201720985TORO SMITHIsabella MalnarMiss Raiders
201720986TORO SMITHIsabella MalnarMiss Raiders
201720987ANN SENGUPTAIsabella MalnarMiss Raiders
201720988ANN SENGUPTAIsabella MalnarMiss Raiders
201720989M. JACOBIIsabella MalnarMiss Raiders
201720990TEICH TEICHIsabella MalnarMiss Raiders
201720991KAY SCOTTKylie MattoMiss Raiders
201720992KAY SCOTTKylie MattoMiss Raiders
201720993DJ PHUNGKylie MattoMiss Raiders
201720994JAKE MATTOKylie MattoMiss Raiders
201720995JACQUELYN CARRABBAKylie MattoMiss Raiders
201720996JACQUELYN CARRABBAKylie MattoMiss Raiders
201720997DJ PHUNGKylie MattoMiss Raiders
201720998KIM MATTOKylie MattoMiss Raiders
201720999JUSTIN GRANGERKylie MattoMiss Raiders
201721000STEVE ALVAREZKylie MattoMiss Raiders
201721001LAUREN ROOSKENM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201721002KAREN COLLINSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201721003BONNIE EDWAM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201721004JAMES BROWNM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201721005MAMIE WOODSM'Lynn SantosMiss Raiders
201721011STEPHEN LEAVELLAddison SchieleinMiss Raiders
201721011STEPHEN LEAVELLAddison SchieleinMiss Raiders
201721012JASON COLEAddison SchieleinMiss Raiders
201721013KAREN RIVERAAddison SchieleinMiss Raiders
201721014DINORA ALCALAAddison SchieleinMiss Raiders
201721014DINORA ALCALAAddison SchieleinMiss Raiders
201721015STEVEN MARTIONAddison SchieleinMiss Raiders
201721016JESSICA SCHIELEINAddison SchieleinMiss Raiders
201721017JESSICA SCHIELEINAddison SchieleinMiss Raiders
201721021KAREN RIVERABrynn SchieleinMiss Raiders
201721022JACKIE CARROLLBrynn SchieleinMiss Raiders
201721023JACKIE CARROLLBrynn SchieleinMiss Raiders
201721025SHARON MCCANNBrynn SchieleinMiss Raiders
201721026DAVID SCHIELEINAddison SchieleinMiss Raiders
201721027SHARON MCCANNBrynn SchieleinMiss Raiders
201721028DAVID SCHIELEINBrynn SchieleinMiss Raiders
201721031LARA BAILIFFAva BailiffCheer Competition Team
201721032LARA BAILIFFAva BailiffCheer Competition Team
201721033LARA BAILIFFAva BailiffCheer Competition Team
201721034LARA BAILIFFAva BailiffCheer Competition Team
201721035LARA BAILIFFAva BailiffCheer Competition Team
201721036LARA BAILIFFAva BailiffCheer Competition Team
201721037LARA BAILIFFAva BailiffCheer Competition Team
201721038LARA BAILIFFAva BailiffCheer Competition Team
201721039LARA BAILIFFAva BailiffCheer Competition Team
201721040LARA BAILIFFAva BailiffCheer Competition Team
201721041BRAELYN HENSONBraelyn HensonCheer Competition Team
201721042BRAELYN HENSONBraelyn HensonCheer Competition Team
201721043BRAELYN HENSONBraelyn HensonCheer Competition Team
201721044BRAELYN HENSONBraelyn HensonCheer Competition Team
201721045BRAELYN HENSONBraelyn HensonCheer Competition Team
201721046BRAELYN HENSONBraelyn HensonCheer Competition Team
201721047BRAELYN HENSONBraelyn HensonCheer Competition Team
201721048BRAELYN HENSONBraelyn HensonCheer Competition Team
201721049BRAELYN HENSONBraelyn HensonCheer Competition Team
201721050BRAELYN HENSONBraelyn HensonCheer Competition Team
201721051PRESLEY HENSON Presley HensonCheer Competition Team
201721052PRESLEY HENSON Presley HensonCheer Competition Team
201721053PRESLEY HENSON Presley HensonCheer Competition Team
201721054PRESLEY HENSON Presley HensonCheer Competition Team
201721055PRESLEY HENSON Presley HensonCheer Competition Team
201721056PRESLEY HENSON Presley HensonCheer Competition Team
201721057PRESLEY HENSON Presley HensonCheer Competition Team
201721058PRESLEY HENSON Presley HensonCheer Competition Team
201721059PRESLEY HENSON Presley HensonCheer Competition Team
201721060PRESLEY HENSON Presley HensonCheer Competition Team
201721061BUTCH HODSONLaney HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721062BUTCH HODSONLaney HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721063BUTCH HODSONLaney HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721064BUTCH HODSONLaney HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721065BUTCH HODSONLaney HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721066BUTCH HODSONLaney HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721067BUTCH HODSONLaney HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721068BUTCH HODSONLaney HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721069BUTCH HODSONLaney HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721070BUTCH HODSONLaney HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721071TAMERA HODSONAva HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721072TAMERA HODSONAva HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721073TAMERA HODSONAva HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721074TAMERA HODSONAva HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721075TAMERA HODSONAva HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721076TAMERA HODSONAva HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721077TAMERA HODSONAva HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721078TAMERA HODSONAva HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721079TAMERA HODSONAva HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721080TAMERA HODSONAva HodsonCheer Competition Team
201721081HEATHER EVANSHannah JimCheer Competition Team
201721082HEATHER EVANSHannah JimCheer Competition Team
201721083HEATHER EVANSHannah JimCheer Competition Team
201721084HEATHER EVANSHannah JimCheer Competition Team
201721085HEATHER EVANSHannah JimCheer Competition Team
201721086HEATHER EVANSHannah JimCheer Competition Team
201721087HEATHER EVANSHannah JimCheer Competition Team
201721088HEATHER EVANSHannah JimCheer Competition Team
201721089CHRISTIE CHRISTOPHERSONHannah JimCheer Competition Team
201721090CHRISTIE CHRISTOPHERSONHannah JimCheer Competition Team
201721101CAMERON ROBERTSONCarleigh RobertsonCheer Competition Team
201721102CAMERON ROBERTSONCarleigh RobertsonCheer Competition Team
201721111DELINDA GREENEAddison RuckerCheer Competition Team
201721112DELINDA GREENEAddison RuckerCheer Competition Team
201721113JANET GRYDERAddison RuckerCheer Competition Team
201721114JANET GRYDERAddison RuckerCheer Competition Team
201721115SHARMAI GRYDERAddison RuckerCheer Competition Team
201721116SHARMAI GRYDERAddison RuckerCheer Competition Team
201721117SHARMAI GRYDERAddison RuckerCheer Competition Team
201721118SHARMAI GRYDERAddison RuckerCheer Competition Team
201721119SHARMAI GRYDERAddison RuckerCheer Competition Team
201721120SHARMAI GRYDERAddison RuckerCheer Competition Team
201721121LAURA THOMPSONPeyton ThompsonCheer Competition Team
201721122LAURA THOMPSONPeyton ThompsonCheer Competition Team
201721123LAURA THOMPSONPeyton ThompsonCheer Competition Team
201721124LAURA THOMPSONPeyton ThompsonCheer Competition Team
201721125LAURA THOMPSONPeyton ThompsonCheer Competition Team
201721126LAURA THOMPSONPeyton ThompsonCheer Competition Team
201721127LAURA THOMPSONPeyton ThompsonCheer Competition Team
201721128LAURA THOMPSONPeyton ThompsonCheer Competition Team
201721129LAURA THOMPSONPeyton ThompsonCheer Competition Team
201721130LAURA THOMPSONPeyton ThompsonCheer Competition Team
201721131RICK MINYARDMatthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201721132RMINYA D.Matthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201721133RMINYA D.Matthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201721134RMINYA D.Matthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201721135RMINYA D.Matthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201721136RMINYA D.Matthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201721137RMINYA D.Matthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201721138RMINYA D.Matthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201721139RMINYA D.Matthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201721140RMINYA D.Matthew SteckRaider 5th Grade
201721171KAREN JONESAiden JonesRaider 4th Grade
201721171KAREN JONESAiden JonesRaider 4th Grade
201721172ALICIA R. JORDONAiden JonesRaider 4th Grade
201721181CARMEN PALLAKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201721182DANIEL SAUCEDAKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201721183MARIANA AKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201721184ROBERT WINKKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201721185MATT MCDONALDKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201721186ANDY WELKERKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201721187S MCDONALDKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201721188E MCDONALDKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201721190MATT MCDONALDKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201721191CHARLOTTE HEBELLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201721196TAMARA KENNONLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201721197TAMARA KENNONLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201721198MELINDA ELLISLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201721199CINDY STEPPLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201721200CINDY STEPPLogan VivasRaider 6th Grade
201721231SERENA WALKERSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201721232SERENA WALKERSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201721233SERENA WALKERSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201721234SERENA WALKERSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201721235SERENA WALKERSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201721236SERENA WALKERSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201721237SERENA WALKERSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201721238SERENA WALKERSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201721239SERENA WALKERSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201721240SERENA WALKERSamantha SelmanLady Raiders
201721271AMY RIVERAAnthony ReyesRaider 4th Grade
201721272MR HUNTAnthony ReyesRaider 4th Grade
201721273CHRIS TORRESAnthony ReyesRaider 4th Grade
201721274ANGELINA REYESAnthony ReyesRaider 4th Grade
201722001MATT MCDONALDKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201722002MATT MCDONALDKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201722003MATT MCDONALDKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201722004MATT MCDONALDKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201722005MATT MCDONALDKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201722006MATT MCDONALDKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201722007MATT MCDONALDKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201722008MATT MCDONALDKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201722009MATT MCDONALDKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201722010MATT MCDONALDKarson McDonaldRaider 4th Grade
201722011ERIC KRONDAKMaximus KrondakRaider 4th Grade
201722012ERIC KRONDAKMaximus KrondakRaider 4th Grade
201722013ERIC KRONDAKMaximus KrondakRaider 4th Grade
201722014ERIC KRONDAKMaximus KrondakRaider 4th Grade
201722015ERIC KRONDAKMaximus KrondakRaider 4th Grade
201722016ERIC KRONDAKMaximus KrondakRaider 4th Grade
201722017ERIC KRONDAKMaximus KrondakRaider 4th Grade
201722018ERIC KRONDAKMaximus KrondakRaider 4th Grade
201722019ERIC KRONDAKMaximus KrondakRaider 4th Grade
201722020ERIC KRONDAKMaximus KrondakRaider 4th Grade
201722021MICHAEL HERNANDEZWarren HernandezRaider 5th Grade
201722022MICHAEL HERNANDEZWarren HernandezRaider 5th Grade
201722023MICHAEL HERNANDEZWarren HernandezRaider 5th Grade
201722024MICHAEL HERNANDEZWarren HernandezRaider 5th Grade
201722025MICHAEL HERNANDEZWarren HernandezRaider 5th Grade
201722026MICHAEL HERNANDEZWarren HernandezRaider 5th Grade
201722027MICHAEL HERNANDEZWarren HernandezRaider 5th Grade
201722028MICHAEL HERNANDEZWarren HernandezRaider 5th Grade
201722029MICHAEL HERNANDEZWarren HernandezRaider 5th Grade
201722030MICHAEL HERNANDEZWarren HernandezRaider 5th Grade
201722031JESSICA HILLAspen HillCheer Competition Team
201722032JESSICA HILLAspen HillCheer Competition Team
201722033JESSICA HILLAspen HillCheer Competition Team
201722034JESSICA HILLAspen HillCheer Competition Team
201722035JESSICA HILLAspen HillCheer Competition Team
201722036JESSICA HILLAspen HillCheer Competition Team
201722037JESSICA HILLAspen HillCheer Competition Team
201722038JESSICA HILLAspen HillCheer Competition Team
201722039JESSICA HILLAspen HillCheer Competition Team
201722040JESSICA HILLAspen HillCheer Competition Team
201722041JESSICA HILLSavannah HillCheer Competition Team
201722042JESSICA HILLSavannah HillCheer Competition Team
201722043JESSICA HILLSavannah HillCheer Competition Team
201722044JESSICA HILLSavannah HillCheer Competition Team
201722045JESSICA HILLSavannah HillCheer Competition Team
201722046JESSICA HILLSavannah HillCheer Competition Team
201722047JESSICA HILLSavannah HillCheer Competition Team
201722048JESSICA HILLSavannah HillCheer Competition Team
201722049JESSICA HILLSavannah HillCheer Competition Team
201722050JESSICA HILLSavannah HillCheer Competition Team
201722051ROBIN GREENERylee GreeneRaider 6th Grade
201722052ROBIN GREENERylee GreeneRaider 6th Grade
201722053ROBIN GREENERylee GreeneRaider 6th Grade
201722054ROBIN GREENERylee GreeneRaider 6th Grade
201722055ROBIN GREENERylee GreeneRaider 6th Grade
201722056ROBIN GREENERylee GreeneRaider 6th Grade
201722057ROBIN GREENERylee GreeneRaider 6th Grade
201722058ROBIN GREENERylee GreeneRaider 6th Grade
201722059ROBIN GREENERylee GreeneRaider 6th Grade
201722060ROBIN GREENERylee GreeneRaider 6th Grade
201722061JENNIFER GALLAGHERIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201722062JENNIFER GALLAGHERIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201722063JENNIFER GALLAGHERIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201722064JENNIFER GALLAGHERIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201722065JENNIFER GALLAGHERIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201722066JENNIFER GALLAGHERIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201722067JENNIFER GALLAGHERIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201722068JENNIFER GALLAGHERIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201722069JENNIFER GALLAGHERIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
201722070JENNIFER GALLAGHERIsabella GallagherLady Raiders
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